The mission of our company, Dynagreen, is to establish and maintain a superior living environment. We recognize that this mission embodies the core values and purpose of our organization, representing an unwavering responsibility and obligatory duty that we must fulfill. Guided by principles of scientific development and committed to the concept of sustainable growth, Dynagreen aligns its operational direction and strategic positioning with the environmental protection industry, in line with the strategic plans of Beijing State-owned Assets Company.

We consider it our social responsibility to safeguard the ecological environment and promote the well-being of future generations. Our ultimate mission and goal are to foster a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature by creating a delightful living environment. We strive to make a positive contribution to society by dedicating our efforts to this cause.

Looking ahead, Dynagreen will continue to embrace the sense of responsibility and mission associated with being a state-owned enterprise. We will diligently observe and grasp global economic trends and national macroeconomic policies, enabling us to actively engage in the development of ecological civilization. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, we aim to collectively construct a beautiful China and a better world, where a pristine living environment thrives.

  • Our VisionOur Vision
  • Be a Domestically Leading and World-Famous Group of Comprehensive Environmental Protection

Our corporate vision embodies an unwavering commitment to excellence and a future of unrivaled accomplishments. At Dynagreen, we are fully dedicated to the growth of our organization and the professional development of our employees. Our ultimate aim is to position Dynagreen as the foremost comprehensive environmental protection industry group in China, renowned worldwide for our exceptional capabilities. Leveraging our substantial scale advantage, we maintain a steadfast focus on waste-to-energy as our primary business, while progressively nurturing and expanding related sectors to strengthen our market presence and broaden our operational scope.

To achieve unparalleled success, we strive to deliver superior overall performance by harmonizing the diverse interests of our stakeholders. By optimizing short-term economic gains and long-term social benefits, we are committed to achieving a mutually beneficial coexistence that ensures sustainable growth.

At the core of our success lies our unwavering pursuit of advanced core technologies. Dynagreen remains at the vanguard of enterprise development by leading with technological innovation. Through tireless efforts in independent research and development, as well as strategic collaborations with esteemed industry research institutions, we continuously enhance our core competitiveness, driving pioneering advancements in processes and technologies.

We recognize the pivotal role played by our exceptional workforce. At Dynagreen, we place paramount importance on talent acquisition, cultivation, and advancement. We are steadfast in building a highly skilled and innovative workforce, distinguished by unwavering professionalism, exemplary ethics, and the ability to tackle complex challenges with ease.

Building a formidable brand influence is a strategic imperative for Dynagreen. We are resolute in our pursuit of robust brand development, strategic promotion, and the cultivation of a positive corporate image. By enhancing our industry visibility and augmenting our influence, we are poised to solidify our position as a trusted and influential entity within the environmental protection sector, both domestically and internationally.

Our core values serve as the fundamental spiritual beliefs and highest standards that guide our enterprise and every individual within it. They represent our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our mission and realizing our shared vision, embodying the essence of our corporate ethos and the pinnacle of our value system.

Exploration stands as the driving force behind our corporate growth. At Dynagreen, we foster a culture that encourages bold exploration and relentless progress. The achievements we celebrate today are a testament to the tireless pursuit of advancement and the unwavering determination displayed by every member of our esteemed workforce. Moving forward, Dynagreen will continue to push the boundaries, embracing an unwavering commitment to pioneering endeavors and striving to craft an even more remarkable future.

Innovation lies at the very heart of our corporate development. At Dynagreen, we champion an unwavering spirit of innovation, fostering an environment that respects knowledge, talent, and creative thinking. We consistently seek to redefine industry standards through institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, and technological innovation, positioning ourselves as industry leaders and continually surpassing our own achievements.

Integrity serves as the bedrock of our corporate advancement. Dynagreen upholds the highest standards of integrity, instilling within every employee a sense of unwavering commitment to professional ethics and business conduct. Our dedication to integrity extends not only within our organization but also in our interactions with society, government entities, and stakeholders, demanding the utmost transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior.

Harmony serves as the guarantee of our corporate progress. At Dynagreen, we cultivate a harmonious culture that prioritizes the well-being of our employees, fostering an atmosphere of unity and cooperation. We strive to create a harmonious and pleasant work environment where collaboration thrives. Furthermore, we actively embrace our corporate social responsibility, proactively contributing to the construction of a harmonious society and promoting the symbiotic coexistence of humanity and the natural world.

  • enterprise styleenterprise style
  • Upholding Integrity, Valuing Dedication, Emphasizing Conduct, Embracing Responsibility

Our work ethic represents the consistent style of work attitude and behavior that is universally recognized and consciously embraced by every member of our organization. It embodies the essence of our professional demeanor and sets the standard for our conduct in the workplace.

Upholding integrity is at the core of our work culture, as we strive to promote honesty and foster a positive environment. At Dynagreen, we cultivate a culture of "integrity" among our cadre and employees, encouraging them to tread the path of righteousness, engage in meaningful endeavors, and radiate positive energy. We guide our employees to develop a sound worldview, a noble outlook on life, and a set of ethical values that form the foundation of their actions.

Valuing dedication underscores our recognition of the profound importance of a strong work ethic. At Dynagreen, we emphasize that our cadre and employees should possess a deep sense of ownership and unwavering commitment to their duties. Nurturing a high level of professional integrity and cultivating productive work habits are paramount. It is with utmost diligence and a steadfast sense of responsibility that we fulfill our obligations and excel in our respective roles.

Emphasizing conduct places a premium on upholding noble morals and ethical behavior. At Dynagreen, we not only value the visible "conduct" of our cadre and employees but also prioritize the invisible "character" they possess. We firmly believe in the integral unity of character and conduct, holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and behavior. This unification serves as a guiding principle, ensuring that our actions align with our principles and that our conduct reflects our core values.

Embracing responsibility signifies our unwavering commitment to courageously shoulder our obligations. Dynagreen instills a deep sense of responsibility in our cadre and employees, demanding loyalty, dedication, and the courage to take on challenges. We emphasize the importance of assuming responsibility in our respective roles, viewing it as a fundamental requirement. This entails being accountable in our daily work, demonstrating the courage to take ownership in the face of difficulties, and willingly accepting responsibility for any errors or oversights.

At Dynagreen, we wholeheartedly embrace these work ethic principles, as they form the bedrock of our corporate culture. By upholding integrity, valuing dedication, emphasizing conduct, and embracing responsibility, we foster an environment of excellence, trust, and accountability. Through these collective efforts, we propel our organization towards continued success, contributing to a prosperous and sustainable future.

A business philosophy encompasses the fundamental principles that guide an organization's entire operations, encompassing its beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts towards conducting business. Dynagreen consistently adheres to the principle of making progress while knowing when to retreat, and choosing what to pursue and what not to pursue. We always bear in mind the fundamental attributes of a state-owned enterprise and actively respond to government policies and calls within our capabilities. Through practical efforts, we contribute to the realization of government policy goals and the improvement of people's living environment.

While fulfilling our social responsibilities, Dynagreen also focuses on economic benefits and efficiency, striving for sustainable development. We continuously enhance our understanding of national policies, assess industry developments, and embrace transformational changes in our own growth. By comprehending and adhering to market principles, improving our market adaptability, consolidating our development foundation, integrating advantageous resources, strengthening risk management, enhancing asset efficiency, and improving the quality of growth, we ensure the achievement of economic objectives through market-driven operations and efficient management practices. Through these measures, we drive the long-term development of our organization.

The operational philosophy represents the fundamental principles that a running project adheres to in its production and operation activities. It encompasses the beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts that guide the project's production and operational endeavors.

Safety is the premise of project production and operation. Dynagreen follows the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive governance." We ensure the implementation of a hierarchical safety production responsibility system, actively adopt advanced safety management methods and production technologies, and guarantee the necessary safety inputs to ensure smooth and secure production.

Environmental protection is the lifeline of continuous project operation. Dynagreen strictly fulfills its commitments to external stakeholders in its operational management. We continually enhance employees' environmental awareness, increase environmental protection investments, and never engage in deception. We ensure that all emission indicators are superior to national or industry standards and are subject to real-time supervision by government regulatory agencies and local communities.

Civility forms the foundation for the proper operation of a project. Dynagreen emphasizes precision and standardization in operational management. We comprehensively implement a civilized production management system, ensuring a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing production and work environment. We cultivate a culture where every individual develops good habits of strictly following work discipline and adhering to operating procedures.

Efficiency guarantees the long-term operation of a project. Dynagreen adheres to the basic principle of "energy conservation, consumption reduction, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement" in operational management. We prioritize the safe, stable, and efficient operation of equipment and facilities. We continually pursue technological innovations and improvements for key equipment and processes to enhance production efficiency and ensure the project's long-term operation.

The construction philosophy represents the fundamental principles that guide the planning, design, and construction management of both ongoing and upcoming projects. It encompasses the beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts that shape the approach towards project planning, design, and construction.

The spirit of craftsmanship embodies the pursuit of excellence, a relentless commitment to quality, and a customer-centric service mindset. It encompasses a dedicated and diligent work attitude, a focus on continuous improvement and perfection, and a devotion to details while keeping the customer's needs at the forefront. It also entails a drive for breakthroughs and innovation.

An exquisite project refers to the creation of an internally and externally harmonious project through meticulous design, organization, and construction. Dynagreen's engineering projects adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship throughout the various stages, including planning, design, tendering, procurement, construction, equipment installation, and personnel training. Each step is meticulously organized and strictly controlled based on the principle of "safety, quality, functionality, schedule, and cost" to ensure the attainment of superior internal quality and exquisite outward appearance.

At Dynagreen, we believe that by embodying the spirit of craftsmanship and striving for the creation of exquisite projects, we can deliver exceptional results that meet the highest standards of safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics.